Spanish Splendors A 10-Day Journey Through Spain


  • Daily Breakfast
  • 2 nights at 4 star accommodation in Madrid
  • 2 nights at 4 star accommodation in Sevilla
  • 1 night at 4 star accommodation in Granada
  • 1 night at 4 star accommodation in Valencia
  • 2 nights at 4 star accommodation in Barcelona
  • 1 night accommodation in Madrid at 4 star
  • Visit Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Visit Cordoba city’s famous mosque and Jewish Quarter
  • Visit radiant park of Maria Luisa
  • Visit mosaic walls of the Plaza de Espana
  • Visit Gothic cathedral at Seville
  • visit the incredible Alhambra
  • Visit harem of the Moorish
  • Sierra Nevada, Guadix, Baza, and Puerto Lumbreras
  • Valencia’s mix of old and new
  • Visit Santiago Calatrava
  • Visit the Olympic stadium
  • Monument to Christopher Columbus in the old port
  • Visit Gothic Quarter
  • Visit Zaragoza
  • Visit cathedral and Aljaferia Palace
  • All Airport transfer
You'll Love
  • Royal Palace Tour
  • Andalusian Adventure
  • Alhambra in Granada
  • Valencia Exploration
  • Barcelona Sightseeing


The highlight of this 10-day journey through Spain is undoubtedly the immersive exploration of Spain's most iconic cities and landmarks. Beginning in Madrid, you'll be treated to a guided tour of the opulent Royal Palace, offering a glimpse into the country's regal history. The journey then takes you to the enchanting city of Seville, where you'll wander through the vibrant Maria Luisa Park, witness the grandeur of Seville Cathedral, and lose yourself in the picturesque Santa Cruz barrio. In Granada, the magnificent Alhambra, a masterpiece of Islamic art, awaits your exploration, while a visit to the mesmerizing Sacromonte caves and an authentic flamenco show will captivate your senses. As you journey to Valencia, you'll be entranced by the coastal beauty and modern vibrancy of this vibrant city. Barcelona will dazzle you with its historic neighborhoods, Gaudi's architectural wonders, and the enchanting Gothic Quarter. Throughout this journey, you'll savor Spain's rich culture, architectural splendors, and scenic landscapes, culminating in a return to Madrid, making this an unforgettable exploration of Spanish splendors.


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Upon your arrival at Madrid Airport, a convenient transfer will be provided to transport you to your designated hotel, ensuring a smooth start to your stay in the vibrant Spanish capital.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at your hotel, and then venture on a 2-hour guided tour of Madrid's splendid Royal Palace. Meet your expert guide at Opera Metro Station in Plaza de Isabel II, where you'll embark on a journey through history.

Enjoy skip-the-line access to the palace and explore its grand rooms, including the Throne Room and Private Royal apartments. Admire masterpieces by Giordano and Goya, as well as historic artifacts like tapestries and suits of armor.

Your guide will bring the palace to life with engaging stories, providing insights into its rich history and cultural significance.

The palace's 19th-century design and floral layout make for a perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at your hotel, and then set off on an exciting journey. You'll depart from Madrid and travel comfortably in an air-conditioned coach, meandering through the stunning La Mancha countryside. Your destination is Cordoba, a city known for its famous mosque and enchanting Jewish Quarter. Take your time to explore these iconic landmarks.

Afterward, continue your adventure and head to the picturesque Andalusian city of Seville. You'll savor a delightful dinner and spend the night in this lovely city, immersing yourself in the rich culture and beauty of Andalusia.

Your day in Seville begins with a local guide leading you on a captivating tour of Andalusia's most vibrant city. You'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this charming region. Your itinerary includes visits to the radiant Maria Luisa Park, the intricate mosaic walls of Plaza de España, and a tour of Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Following a satisfying breakfast, your journey continues as you depart for the city of Granada. Upon your arrival, you'll have the privilege of visiting the incredible Alhambra. This magnificent complex invites you to wander among the stunning Nazari Palaces and the enchanting Generalife gardens, showcasing the finest expression of Islamic art in Spain. The Alhambra, once a palace and harem for Moorish rulers, contains sections that date back to the 9th century, offering a window into a rich history.

As an option, you can explore the Sacromonte caves, an iconic part of Granada's heritage. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to attend a typical flamenco show, an authentic Andalusian experience that captivates the senses.

After a satisfying breakfast in Granada, it's time to bid the city farewell and set off on your journey. You'll travel through the northern foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada, enjoying scenic views of the picturesque towns of Guadix, Baza, and Puerto Lumbreras along the way. Your route will take you to the splendid Mediterranean resort city of Valencia.

Upon arriving in Valencia, you'll check in to your hotel, where you can unwind and prepare for the next leg of your adventure in this vibrant Spanish city, known for its stunning architecture and lively atmosphere.

Today, you have the opportunity to explore one of the liveliest cities in Spain, Valencia. Your day is free for leisure, allowing you to discover the city's unique blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy. You can choose to visit the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, an architectural marvel designed by Santiago Calatrava, or wander through the historic streets of the Old Town, immersing yourself in the city's rich history.
In the late morning, you'll depart for Barcelona, embarking on a picturesque journey along the coast of the Balearic Sea. Upon your arrival in Barcelona, you'll check in to your hotel, ready to experience the dynamic culture and artistic heritage of this captivating Catalan city.

Begin your day with a satisfying breakfast, and then set out on a morning sightseeing tour of Barcelona's historic neighborhoods. Your exploration will take you to Montjuic Park, where you'll visit the Olympic stadium and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city below. You'll also have the opportunity to see the monument to Christopher Columbus in the old port and meander through the narrow, captivating streets of the Gothic Quarter.

The afternoon is yours to explore at your leisure. You can choose to visit some of the iconic Gaudi buildings in the L'Eixample district, such as the unfinished yet awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia, or the ornate apartments lining Passeig de Gracia.

As an option, you can participate in a night tour that will lead you down the city's wide avenues, allowing you to witness fountains and monuments beautifully illuminated for the evening, providing a unique and enchanting perspective of Barcelona at night.

After a morning sightseeing tour in Barcelona, you'll depart for Zaragoza, passing through the diverse landscape of Aragon. In Zaragoza, enjoy free time to explore the city's architectural treasures, such as the cathedral and Aljaferia Palace. You'll encounter a remarkable fusion of Islamic, Romanesque, and Gothic styles. Continuing your journey, you'll arrive in Madrid, where you'll check in at your hotel.

Your day starts with breakfast at the hotel. Following that, you'll complete the check-out process, preparing to leave. You will be transferred to the Madrid airport, where you'll catch your flight back home. Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey!


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