10 best Insta-grammable spots in Greece

10 best Insta-grammable spots in Greece

Greece is as picturesque as a picture postcard. A land blessed with clear blue seas, white sandy beaches, idyllic sun-bleached villages, vibrant cuisine, and dotted with ancient temples and heritage sites, all of these make Greece undeniably one of the top Instagrammed places on Earth.
A round the year destination, Greece has become increasingly popular among the new genre of travellers bitten by the social media bugs especially Instagram.  We now have tourists coming into Greecee not just to discover the country but for destination weddings, for pre-wedding photo-shoot, milestone celebrations etc. A whole new niche of travellers have taken over our social media universe; food bloggers, travel influencers. You tubers, content creators and the list goes on.
To help you decide on which places to check out for the next instagram update in Greece, here are the top 10 Instagrammable spots in Greece to perfect your Instagram game and get you some those much sought after ‘likes’ 

1.    Santorini
One of the most photographed islands on Instagram, Santorini, with it’s  iconic blue domes of Anastasis Church is perhaps the most recognisable and over published phote both online as well as offline. The beautiful caldera, whitewashed villages and breath-taking beaches of black sand offers a charming backdrop to your pics. The western coast  of this magnificent destination offers  fantastic views of the sea, dotted with tiny islets of melted lava while on the eastern coast you have humble villages and tranquil beaches which gives a perfect laid-back vibes for the gram.
Another place for a great photo opportunity, if you’re looking to capture something a bit different and yet  fantastic shot, is the Oia Windmills in Santorini. Try to capture the sun setting behind the windmills, while you gaze out into the distance and you have that perfect shot.
You can explore Santorini as part of our bestseller holiday tours; Best of Greece

2.    Athens

A city steeped in ancient history, breath-taking ancient ruins and iconic sights is like a customised destination for the ‘insta’ crazy tourists. 
The Parthenon, one of the world’s greatest treasures and also an Athens iconic is one of the most iconic photo spot in the city and a dream for photographers and content creators. Sitting atop the Acropolis, this breath-taking ancient Greek temple dominates the city’s skyline and a visit in the early morning hours can guarantee minimum crowd and the the best light for photos.
The other landmarks in the Acropolis too, such as The Erechtheion temple and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus too offer some amazing photographic opportunities.
The district of Exarcheia, originally known as the home for Greek anarchists, is resplendent with street art and makes for some great instagrammable shots.

3.    Pyrgi, Chios 

Welcome to the lesser known Greek island and one that is known for geometrical hand-painted designs, known as “xysta - Chios! The island of Chios, although mostly known for the popular mastic-producing trees, also has a hidden treasure in the village of Pyrgi, about 25-kilometer drive away from the main town.
Here you will find various hand-painted designs, all geometrical in shape, known as “xysta”, that adorn the façades of the buildings and add a strong pictorial and architectural interest to this mediaeval village. A perfect location for that  perfect background of an instagram click.

4.    Ladadika, Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki, the lady of the north, is home to a few fascinating districts and among those, Ladadika is the most fascinating. The historic district is a pedestrianised houses several colourful traditional buildings and filled with traditional tavernas, coffee  shops and bars all making a perfect backdrop for some lovely pictures.

5.    Rhodes Old Town      
The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes  Island with it’s emerald green seas, ancient ruins and white sand beaches can easily be called as ‘picture-perfect’.  Its Old Town,  which is also a UNESCO-listed district, is the place that will leave you in awe and  is the perfect spot for your Old Town selfie. The classic cobbled classic, idyllic garden restaurants with deep mustard yellow walls and white canvas chairs together makes up for a romantic setting for that quick insta reel. The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, housed in the 15th-century Hospital of the Knights is equally fascinating and breathtaking for photo-shoots.

6.    Symi

Once place in Greece that all travel bloggers and instagrammers have fallen head over heels in love with is SYMI.  The colorful neoclassical mansions built amphitheatrically around the port, the quaint monasteries where traditional caiques are tied and the scenic and colourful harbours lined with yachts all makes for a beautiful backdrop in photos.
The place can be aptly described as serene and charming, and spectacularly grand. Besides the picturesque town and port, there are also 2 idyllic places to swim, Ai-Giorgis Dysalonas and Aghios Emilianos which offer the perfect backdrops for the pics.

7.    Sarakiniko
Situated in the southern part of the Cyclades, the little island of Milos is synonymous with fantastic beaches lapped by shimmering turquoise waters. Sarakiniko beach in Milos is a coastal area and home to smooth white rocks, turquoise waters coupled with lunar-like landscape and whitewashed limestones shores.
With such an impressive scenic background, you will not find the need of adding any filter at this Instgrammable spot in Greece.
However, if you want to top your Instagram, go up to the top of the rocks, especially during sunset hours, for an incredible snapshot.

8.    Chora, Ios
This charming little town located on the western part of the island is almost custom made for an instagram photo-shoot. Built amphitheatrically everywhere you look, there’s a photo opportunity around every corner.
The breath-taking views from the highest spot of the village, Panaghia Gremiotissa, especially during the amazing sunset are truly worth capturing. The panoramic view of the entire village from the ruins of the Venetian castle which lie on the top of the hill and overlooks the village, is also very interesting to see. 
Whilst the crowd of tourists spend their day time at the beach, you get the perfect chance to capture some fantastic imagery of the cubed houses with flat roofs, narrow streets and twisty staircases 

9.    Melissani Cave, Kefalonia

Melissani Cave is one of the most Instagrammables place in Greece, thanks to its natural formation of a lake, inside a cave, with forest surrounding it. This natural wonder is located in Kefalonia and can be reached by boat. Both the chambers that make up the  B-shaped cave are equally magnificent but the second chamber, containing stalactites is a bit darker and eerier than the first chamber.
At noon, the slanting rays of the sun enter through a large hole in the roof of the cave, causing a shimmering effect on the lake’s water and creating a magical quality of their own. 
One gets an ethereal feeling of the boats hovering in the light!

10.    Mykonoss
If there is one place chock-o-block with Instagrammable places and incredible photo spots, Mykonos it is.Mykonos has photo-worthy spots at every turn thanks to its rugged coastline, cute whitewashed buildings, and mesmerizingly Blue Ocean    . 
The Windmills of Kato Milli, also known as the Flour Mills of Mykonos, stand on a hilltop just outside the Old Port and Mykonos Town and one of the most popular photo spots on the island. It also offers amazingpanoramic views of the white building town and the Aegean Sea. The charming little corner of Mykonos called Little Venice, located along the waterfront and right below the five windmills is pupular as one of the most romantic spots on the island and perfect for those mushy shots.
Besides the Mykonos old town and more specifically the Pandora store in Mykonos Town along with the absolutely gorgeous Bougainvillea tree right outside its door is definitely one of the most photographed spots.
The Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos at Santa Marina, in Mykonos too is one of the most sought-after restaurants and photographed places in Mykonos.


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